I created Tile Up because I wanted a tile editor that I could reuse. It includes a tileset setup that allows you to import any rectangular, non-isometric, tileset and configure it easily within the program. The configuration setup allows for several things other than just setting the tileset name and tilesize, such as using a placeable set with your map for details such as furnature, etc. The height of the placeable can be increased allowing for a fake 3D effect.
Tile Up is still one of my biggest projects with over 170k of code. It has lots of features such as a random terrain generator, minimap generator and a selection of draw tools. The downside to this is that theres a few bugs. The GUI was made from a collection of generic functions I had previously coded. All settings can be set in the dropdown menu, however the tool bar is not finished yet. To perform actions on the toolbar such as moving between levels or changing to floodfill mode you will need to use the keyboard shortcuts.
A list of key commands can be brought up from the dropdown menu under the Help section. Asides from the unfinished toolbar, the terrain generator still needs some work too. Hopefully when its finished it will be able to randomly generate CIV style maps. At the moment the only draw formations that work are: Dispersed, cluster, and trailing. Trailing formation still needs some work. I plan on including functions to draw maps made in Tile Up so that they are easy to add to games.
My first experiment with GTK+. This app provides an interface with which to specify syntax highlighting colours for Gedit. The colour values are saved to the output.xml file, which must be placed in the /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/ directory. Theres still a few unfinished bits to this; I wish i had more time to play around with GTK :/ Includes C source code.
This is a small app that scales an images to 5 sizes, saves each instance as a 24bit TGA and appends the portrait image data to the portraits 2da file for NWN. It reads bitmaps, jpegs and tga files. This app is only intended for use with making mods for nwn. More info can be found in the readme file.
A command line tool that can be used to hide information within an image, or retrive hidden information. To encode pass a bitmap (the key) as the first paramater and a textfile as the second. The prog will output an image that appears to be the same but contains the textfile info. To decode the information pass in two bitmaps: the key and the altered version; it does not matter in which order. The output will be a text file. The download contains only C source code, but it is easy to compile as it is in one file and uses only the standard libs.
This is an early version of a syntax hilighter that I am working. It is a command line app, but can also be used by simply dragging a source file over the executable. It produces coloured output in HTML/CSS. The colouring styles can be modified in the source by changing the 'colours' array. The download currently only contains C source, but it is simple to compile as, like the steganography tool, its all in one source file and does not require linking to any external libs. This version only hilights C code. An example of the colored code can be found here.