A raycaster engine. Wander around in a fake 3 dimensional environment. Includes a level editor and Blitz Basic source. Not the fastest raycaster in the world, as Blitz is slow for software rendering and theres a messy hack to deal with problems from floating point innacurracy.
A lavapit demo with upscrolling xor filtered text, flying fireballs and a rotating seirpinski traingle thing. Includes Blitz Basic Source code.
A short fish tank demo for the DBF 20 second compo. Combines pixel edited sprites with procedurally generated effects. Includes Blitz Basic source code.
Creates a fractal based circuit with nodes that send out signals. Explosions occur when they crash or nodes go into meltdown. This program does not work on shitty vista.
An unfinished demo that looks a bit like a washing machine. Includes two versions (couldent make my mind up about which one I preferred) as well as the C source code.