Znax Clone+
Created in Javascript by Mike Grundel

Select tiles by clicking on them with the mouse. Form a rectangle of any size by selecting four tiles of the same colour that represent the corners of the rectangle. Only the corners need to be of the same colour tiles inside can be of any colour. When this is done the tiles within the rectangle will be removed. You score 1 point for each tile removed this way. Removed tiles are replaced by a randomly generated set of new ones. There are also several special tiles listed below. When the time is up the game ends.

Bonus tiles cannot be selected. When Inside a rectangle that is removed you get a score bonus. The three types of score bonus tile are +10, +20, and +50 points.
Bonus multipliers can't be selected. When inside a rectangle that is removed the score for that move is multiplied. Multipliers come in x2, x4, and x8.
Time bonus tiles can't be selected. When inside a rectangle that is removed you are given a time extension. These are +15, +30, and +45 seconds.
Walls cant be selected and dont score any points. Each time a wall is inside a rectangle that is removed its condition deteriorates. A wall can only be removed after it has already deteriorated three times.
Watch out for these! When this tile is inside a rectangle being removed that score is subtracted instead of added. It is best to remove this tile in the smallest rectangle possible.
The quad colour tile is the only selectable special tile. It counts as all colours.